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Join us to sell your tickets for tours, activities and attractions and promote your business to millions of travelers around Morocco.

Reach a massive audience of visitors

Reach a vast audience of visitors worldwide. Enable customers globally to purchase your products through numerous partner sites.

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Collect reviews and build your reputation using the Tripbooking Listing Page, or request your own.

Connect, multiply your sales and grow your business

Benefit from scalable, easy-to-use management tools that adapt to your business.

Selling on our platform is simple. Here's how it works...

1. Create your Tripbooking page

Selling on our platform is simple. Begin by creating your Tripbooking page where you can showcase your tours and experiences to travelers worldwide. Sign up easily and fill out essential details about yourself and the unique offerings you provide. Customize your page with photos, descriptions, and pricing to attract potential customers. Our user-friendly interface ensures that setting up your page is straightforward, allowing you to focus on what you do best: providing exceptional tours.

2. Build your products at your own pace

Once your Tripbooking page is set up, take your time to build your products. Describe each tour or experience in detail, highlighting the unique features and attractions travelers can expect. Customize the itinerary, add optional extras, and set competitive pricing that reflects the value of your services. Update and refine your offerings as needed to keep them fresh and appealing to your audience. Our platform provides the flexibility to tailor your products according to your expertise and the interests of your customers.

3. Start making money and stay in control

With your Tripbooking page complete and your products listed, you’re ready to start earning. When travelers book your tours, payments are securely processed through our platform, ensuring you receive your earnings promptly. You have full control over your availability, pricing, and booking policies. Manage your calendar, respond to inquiries, and confirm bookings directly through your Tripbooking dashboard. Our support team is available to assist you every step of the way, ensuring a seamless experience as you grow your business.


What is TripBooking?

TripBooking is a premier travel platform that connects travelers with experienced local guides offering a wide variety of tours and experiences across Morocco. We aim to provide authentic and memorable travel experiences by partnering with knowledgeable guides.

Who can register?

Any professional guide with a valid license or certification, extensive knowledge of their area, and unique tours to offer can register. We welcome applications from both seasoned guides and those just starting their guiding careers.

What does registration bring me?

Registration with TripBooking allows you to list your tours on our platform, reaching a global audience of travelers. You'll benefit from our marketing efforts, gain exposure to new clients, and have access to tools to manage your bookings and interact with customers.

How can I become a partner guide with TripBooking?

To become a partner guide, simply fill out our partnership application form with your personal information and details about your tours. Our team will review your application and get back to you promptly.

How am I paid?

Payments are processed through our secure platform. After a tour is completed, payments are transferred to your designated bank account. We handle all the transaction details to ensure a smooth and timely payment process.

How much does it cost?

There are no upfront costs to register as a guide with TripBooking. We operate on a commission basis, taking a small percentage of each booking made through our platform. This commission covers marketing, payment processing, and customer support services.

Should I sell products?

Selling products is not required to partner with TripBooking. However, if you offer tours that include the sale of local goods, souvenirs, or other items, you can mention this in your tour descriptions. This can enhance the experience for travelers seeking authentic, local products.

Are there any fees associated with becoming a partner?

There are no upfront fees to become a partner. We operate on a commission basis, where a percentage of each booking is retained by TripBooking as a service fee.

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