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Tangier: The pearl of the North

Tangier is a unique city, you can discover it from different angles, it is surrounded by the waters of the Strait of Gibraltar, which gives it breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, it enjoys a temperate Mediterranean climate by the oceanic influence, It is the only city in Africa where you can swim in the morning in the Mediterranean and in the evening in the Atlantic, it is nestled in one of the most beautiful bays of the Mediterranean, at horse on 2 continents.

Tangier is a source of inspiration for many artists and intellectuals from around the world, having become an international zone, it becomes the symbol of celebration, eccentricity and even freedom for several writers.

We have the feeling of crossing a real myth: Painters, photographers, poets, writers, musicians. Tangier is experiencing an artistic, cultural and economic revival. Strolling through its streets is discovering a multicultural city with eclectic architecture where Arab-Andalusian art, Art Deco and modernity combine.

It is a city that reflects the cultural diversity of Morocco, while offering a Spanish touch.

Tangier has always been the crossing point between Europe and Africa, facilitating its access to enjoy its benefits, the city is a true mix of culture, modernity and tradition, making it a unique vacation spot and unforgettable.

Tangier is loved for its cultural richness, but offers many other surprises that attract vacationers to this charming, walkable and relaxing city, such as its cafes, tours and sights. You are going on vacation with family, friends or lovers, you will find everything you need!

What to see/do in Tangier?

Cradle of cultures and civilizations that crossed Morocco, the city of Tangier has no shortage of places to visit, let yourself be transported into the past through its alleys and squares.

Stroll the picturesque streets of the medina, where colorful souks overflow with artisanal treasures and captivating spices. Admire panoramic views from the Kasbah, an ancient fortress with stunning views of the Strait of Gibraltar and the Spanish coast.

Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of the city by tasting local specialties in the café terraces or by strolling along the Corniche with magnificent views of the Atlantic Ocean. Whether you are passionate about history, gastronomy or coastal landscapes, Tangier will charm you.

Tangier Old Town Walking Tour

Places to visit :

Cape Spartel

Caves of Hercules

The Grand Socco or Place du 9-Avril-1947

The medina and the kasbah

Tangier Beach

Rmilat Park

The Villa Harris museum and its garden

The Kasbah Museum – Contemporary art space

The Museum of Mediterranean Cultures

A visit to Tangier promises an experience rich in history, culture and flavors. Between its historic sites, its various activities and its lively markets, this Moroccan city seduces travelers in search of authenticity and discovery. Have a good trip!


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